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1.1. By playing on our servers you automatically agree to the following rules. If you do not agree with them, you are entitled to stop playing on them.

1.2. Ignorance of the rules does not exempt you from liability and disciplinary action if you break them.

1.3. The game on the server is a voluntary solution, which is available free of charge. Therefore the administration does not guarantee error-free operation and absence of malfunctions.

1.4. The server administration, as a priority, does not take part in the gameplay. If one of the administrators has decided to help you, this is their own area of responsibility and personal desire.

1.4.1. Due to the current rule point "1.4", it is forbidden for project players to request resources and any other types of value available on the server, as well as requests for changes to the current game mode (change of time of day, weather, teleportation to another world or coordinates, etc.)..

1.4.2. The server administration is not responsible for the player's in-game valuables and will not restore them due to various cases of their loss, for example: cheating by other players, stealing, grieving, backtracking, bugs etc.

1.5. The server administration has the right to take disciplinary action against players even in cases where the situation is not reflected in the current rules.

1.6. Administrators who have imposed disciplinary sanctions on the offender are personally responsible for issuing them.

1.6.1. Sanctions imposed on an offender by one administrator may be changed by another administrator, but only after such a decision has been agreed with each other.

1.6.2. The server administration has the right to increase/decrease/amnesty disciplinary sanctions against players.

1.7. The server administration has the right to make changes to the current rules without notifying players.

1.8. The use of modifications and cheats that give an advantage over other players is prohibited on all project modes.

1.8.1. The use of "OptiFine", "MiniMap" and other minor modifications that do not give an unfair advantage over other players is allowed.

1.9. It is forbidden to exploit in-game vulnerabilities and bugs for the purpose of taking advantage of the project's players, in any form, or for personal gain..

1.10. It is strictly forbidden to deliberately interfere with or attempt to disrupt the stability of the game servers.

1.11. It is forbidden to criticise the actions of project development representatives, senior administration, as well as moderators, including challenging the disciplinary action taken against project players. Disagreements on such issues should be directed to the official community or by creating a technical support ticket on the Discord server.

Game accounts.

2.1. The security of the player's account is the responsibility of each player and depends on the strength of the password they create.

2.2. It is forbidden to register or continue using nicknames in the game that closely resemble or are directly related to a member of the development, administration or moderation of the server..

2.2.1. It is also forbidden to use closely related nicknames to mislead others in the game.

2.2.2. It is forbidden to use in the nicknames elements containing sexual organs, foul language, nationalistic emblems and appeals that incite inter-religious/inter-racial/inter-ethnic/gender discord, appeals to use drugs and any other form of lethal appeals.

2.3. Any form of transfer/sale of the game account to third parties (including related parties) is forbidden..

2.4. It is forbidden to carry out any activities that lead to attempts to hack into game accounts.

2.4.1. An account that has been hacked by malicious actors has equal validity to the use and cannot be an excuse for breaking the rules.

2.5. It is prohibited to trade, exchange and any other transactions of virtual currency by means of tangible assets.

2.6. Privileges and tangible assets of game accounts cannot be transferred and cannot be returned by the administration.

2.7. Two accounts in the game may be used simultaneously (no more than two) per player's IP address.

2.7.1. Any interaction with a second account (including from a different IP address) that results in an unfair advantage over other players (abusive kill counts, monetary currency etc.) is forbidden.


3.1. Insults and provocations of all participants of the game project in any form, including representatives of administration, development and moderation are forbidden.

3.2. It is forbidden to use obscene language, including veiled language, and/or to use other synonyms.

3.3. The use of obscene language, nationalist emblems and appeals that incite inter-religious/inter-racial/international discord, calls for the use of drugs and any other form of lethal incitement is prohibited in communication.

3.4. Do not litter the chat room with uninformative and/or repetitive messages.

3.4. No mention of any third-party resources without the administration's approval.

The game world and buildings.

4.1. Destruction of buildings in an un-privatised area is allowed.

4.1.1. It is forbidden to modify or destroy buildings within areas that have been privatised by other players, including in ways not provided for by the game mechanics..

4.1.2. If a player's area is partially protected and the un-privatised area is in the public domain - follow rule "4.1".

4.1.3. Combat with players (PvP mode) is only possible with the mutual consent of the participants.

4.1.4. Privatised territory owners are free to leave a notice on the border of their territory that they welcome PvP mode. In this case, combat between players can take place without the two sides agreeing in advance. To do this, each player has the option to add a greeting parameter when entering their territory. For example: /rg flag region greeting Welcome to Tracey town. PvP mode is allowed on our territory without warning!

4.1.5. It is forbidden to cheat players during trade and exchange with them and to use such pretexts as a means of teleporting players to you for personal gain.

4.1.6. However, it is permitted to pick up items from players when transferring them, if they have chosen an unsafe location for the transaction. Therefore, we recommend that all transactions are made using the in-game auction or at safe locations.

4.2. It is forbidden to camp (wait out) players in order to kill them when leaving their assigned territory and other facilities under the jurisdiction of the server administration.

4.3. It is forbidden to teleport players to your place with the express purpose of trapping them and then killing them and taking their resources.

4.4. No uninformative constructions are allowed, nor constructions that do not make sense, such as: block towers, tall lava/water pillars (including 'lavacast'), earth/stone boxes, long roads in the air, deep pits in the ground, huge inscriptions made of objects, as well as towers of mushrooms, trees and similar constructions.

4.5. Any form of manipulation of players (including entities) that allows them to be pushed outside their assigned territory and areas of administrative jurisdiction (e.g. pushing them into a 'PvP' arena at a spawnpoint) is forbidden..

4.6. It is forbidden to cut down trees incompletely or, more precisely, to leave their crowns in the hope that they will fall off.

4.7. The use in buildings of elements containing sexual organs, foul language, nationalist emblems and appeals inciting inter-religious/inter-racial/inter-ethnic/gender discord, appeals for the use of drugs and any other form of lethal appeals is prohibited.

4.7.1. As with the previous point, it is forbidden to use these elements in the names of privatised areas, warps, house points, game skins and capes, or any form of in-game textual information..

4.8. It is allowed to be present in another person's squatted area without interfering with or disturbing the game of its participants/owners. If the owner or occupant is called upon to leave, the uninvited guest must comply, even if they do not think they are disturbing the game..

4.9. It is forbidden to privatise areas and place buildings in close proximity (less than 10 play units) to other, already created areas, without the prior consent of the owner(s) thereof..

4.9.1. It is also forbidden to privatise and place structures over facilities that result in limiting the world's daylight hours in the area below.

4.10. Intentional blocking of access to other people's structures in any form, whether by erecting a wall or any other type of improper object, such as a "lavacast", etc., is forbidden.

4.10.1. It is forbidden to deliberately block teleportation locations to other worlds ("Nether", "End"), create teleportation traps, etc.

4.10.2. Decorating the locations of paragraph "4.10.1" from a decorative point of view, without interfering with gameplay and allowing other players to carry out the movement process, is permitted and welcomed.

Publication of reviews.

All reviews are pre-screened and moderated. Reviews containing profanity, uninformative messages, etc. will not be accepted for publication.